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"Where Do I Download Free Firefox?"


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Question: "Where Do I Download Free Firefox?"

The free Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular browser options available on the market today. Known for its ease of use and security features as well as for the thousands of free Firefox add-ons which take this free browser to another level altogether, Firefox finds itself in direct competition with other free browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari.


Free Firefox Directly From Mozilla

Downloading the free Firefox browser can be done easily through Mozilla's official download site. Free Firefox downloads are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. A free copy of Firefox, usually between 5-20 MB in size depending on your operating system, can be obtained in just a couple of minutes on a high-speed connection. Many websites offer downloads for free Firefox, but it is highly recommended that you only obtain your copy via the official Mozilla site.

Official Download Site for Free Firefox

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