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Managing Private Data on Your iPhone

Although there are several alternatives available, Safari is still the go-to option for many iPhone users. With the release of iOS 7 some of browser's most widely utilized features were modified, including those involving browsing the Web privately.

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Downloading Multiple Files Automatically in Google Chrome

A step-by-step tutorial detailing Google Chrome's automatic multiple file download functionality, explaining how it works as well as how to modify its settings.

How to Manage Both Sandboxed and Unsandboxed Plug-ins in Google Chrome

A step-by-step tutorial detailing both sandboxed and unsandboxed Google Chrome plug-ins, along with the potential security risks that they each present as well as how to modify the browser's behavior when it comes to executing them.

How to Configure Camera and Microphone Settings in Google Chrome

Certain websites, apps and extensions require Google Chrome to utilize your computer's camera and/or microphone for both audio and video purposes. This tutorial explains how to modify Chrome's Media settings related to each of these devices.

Change the Search Engine and Smart Search Field Settings in Safari for iPhone

A step-by-step tutorial on how to change the default search engine on Safari for iPhone and iPod touch, as well as how to modify the browser's Smart Search field settings on the iOS device.

How to Utilize Saved Passwords and the AutoFill Feature in Safari for iOS

A step-by-step tutorial detailing the ins and outs of Safari for iOS's AutoFill feature as well as its ability to save and manage passwords on your iPhone or iPod touch.

How to Manage Bandwidth and Data Usage in Chrome for iOS

An in-depth tutorial detailing the customizable bandwidth and data usage settings found within Google Chrome for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

How to Manage the Pop-Up Blocker in Firefox 29

A step-by-step tutorial on enabling and disabling the pop-up blocker feature in Firefox 29, as well as how to allow pop-up windows to appear only on user-defined sites.

Managing Pop-Up Windows in Firefox 29

Once considered a luxury that came in the form of an add-on or extension, pop-up blocking functionality is now integrated by default in almost every Web

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This Week In Web Browsers: 5/20 - 5/27

May's final edition of our browser news roundup is highlighted by a major Webkit security update... Apple Patches 22 Safari Webkit Vulnerabilities

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