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How to Use Off-Road Mode in Opera 15.x


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Open Your Opera Browser
How to Use Off-Road Mode in Opera 15.x

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This article was last updated on July 25, 2013.

Many mobile users on limited data plans or slow connections have often favored the Opera Mini browser for its server-based compression feature, which allows Web pages to load significantly faster while using less bandwidth. This is achieved by compressing pages in the cloud before they are sent to your device.

Not only useful for those browsing on smartphones or tablets, Off-Road mode is now available for desktop users beginning with the release of Opera 15.x. If you find yourself on a sluggish network, this innovation might provide the boost that you need.

Off-Road mode can be toggled on and off with just a couple of simple mouse clicks, and this tutorial shows you how on both the Windows and OS X platforms.

First, open your Opera browser.

Mac users should skip directly to Step 3 at this point.

Off-Road mode was not available for Linux users at publish time.

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