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Word Browser Plug-in (Browser Add-on)



Browsers Supported:

Safari 2.x

Safari 3.x

Operating Systems Supported:

Mac OS X 10.3+

About Web Browsers Summary:

"The Word Browser Plug-in for Safari gives you the capability to open text-only previews of Microsoft Word documents (files with a .doc extension) in your browser window. While a Word document is open within Safari, the plug-in also provides the option to print or save the file as well as search for specific words or phrases within its content."

Publisher's Description:

"The Word Browser Plugin displays a text only preview of Word documents within your web browser."

Word Browser Plug-in Review:

"For those of you who use Safari and do not have Microsoft Word, NeoOffice, or an equivalent installed on your computer this plug-in is practically a must have. Viewing .doc files in TextEdit is somewhat reliable but can cause you to lose some formatting aspects in transition. Although Word Browser Plug-in is not foolproof when it comes to this, it seems to handle text-only conversion a little better."


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