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iPhone Apps - PrivateWeb Browser


iPhone Apps - PrivateWeb Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

PrivateWeb for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that deletes your cache, cookies, and browsing history each time you exit the application. Based on the same core components as Safari, PrivateWeb offers a basic yet anonymous browser experience on your portable device.

The aforementioned private data items are automatically wiped out immediately upon pressing your device's Home button. Aside from the standard Back and Forward navigational controls and address bar, PrivateWeb boasts virtually nothing else. There is no Search Box, no Bookmarks feature, and even Landscape Mode is disabled. Although the browser itself is far from feature-rich, privacy is its main goal and that is definitely achieved.

Publisher's Description

PrivateWeb is a fast Web browser that doesn't save any of your private sensitive data from browsing. Your cookies, site history, and cached images are instantly cleared as soon as you push the Home button!

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $0.99

App Size: 0.1 MB

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