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iPhone Apps - Privately Web Browser


iPhone Apps - Privately Web Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Privately for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser designed with your privacy in mind. Based on the same core components as Safari, Privately ensures that no tracks are left behind when you are finished surfing the Web.

The browser itself is nothing spectacular, offering bare bones features and not much more. An address bar and Google Search box adorn the top of the window, while standard Back and Forward navigational buttons can be found at the bottom. Landscape Mode and the ability to zoom are included, just as they are in Safari.

However, Privately's true value lies in its browsing anonymity. The addresses of any and all Web pages that you visit are instantly deleted when you press your device's Home button. Cookies downloaded by websites are automatically wiped out upon arrival. In addition, any keywords entered in the aforementioned Google Search box are not recorded. All of this results in a true private browsing experience on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Publisher's Description

Privately is an alternative Web browser that helps you keep your personal Web browsing private:

  • Web pages are not added to the history list

  • Searches are not added to the menu in the Safari search field

  • Cookies are automatically deleted after each session

As soon as you press the Home button, all Web page history in Privately is automatically erased. Now it’s easy to keep your personal and business Web browsing separate.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: FREE

App Size: 0.1 MB

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