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iPhone Apps - Magic Browser


iPhone Apps - Magic Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Magic Browser for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that boasts a number of extremely useful features not found in many other offerings, including Safari. The first of these that I personally enjoy is the ability to save Web documents for offline viewing. This includes standard HTML, text files, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, as well as image files. What adds to the beauty of this feature is the fact that files are downloaded asynchronously, allowing you to continue surfing during their transfer.

Next up in Magic Browser is a simple yet decidedly handy option, copying and pasting text from Web pages. This text can then be pasted into the browser's search box or emailed to a colleague or friend along with the URL from which it was copied.

Another neat aspect of Magic Browser lies in its export function. You can easily take a screen shot of an entire Web page or just a selected portion and send it instantly to your iPhone or iPod's photo album.

Tabbed browsing is also a bright spot with Magic Browser, where a single touch is utilized to add and delete tabs as well as to navigate back and forth.

On a more common note, Magic Browser also lets you set your own home page and save and organize your favorite websites as bookmarks. Although the price is a tad high compared to some of the competition, this browser offers what the large majority of them do not.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $4.99

App Size: 0.3 MB

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