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iPhone Apps - iBrowse2 Browser


iPhone Apps - iBrowse2 Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

iBrowse2 for the iPhone and iPod touch is a browser that gives you the ability to view two Web pages simultaneously by displaying them side by side. This dual page browsing adds a unique element of convenience in situtaions where comparisons are important, such as online shopping.

In addition to dual page viewing, iBrowse2 offers a number of desired components found in some of the most robust Safari alternatives. First on that list is Full Screen mode, which lets you remove your address bar and navigational controls. When enabled, this feature ensures that you are viewing as much of the Web page as possible on your device's somewhat limited space. To toggle this mode on and off, lightly shake your iPhone or iPod touch or use the Show/Hide button. Sticking with the visual aspects of the browser, iBrowse2 also includes Rotation Lock which lets you move your device around without worrying about switching from Portrait to Landscape Mode.

From a privacy standpoint, iBrowse2 does track your browsing history as you surf the Web. However, a private browsing mode is offered in the event that you do not wish to save a record of where you have been.

Rounding out iBrowse2's feature set is a configurable home page, the ability to bookmark your favorite websites, integrated Google Search, and more.

Publisher's Description

iBrowse2 goes where no other full-screen Web browser for the iPhone has gone before. iBrowse2, the original dual Web page browser, is now available on the App Store. Employing the same webkit-based rendering engine used by Mobile Safari, iBrowse2 provides a true desktop class experience on the iPhone. Combine that with speed, versatility, the ability to see two pages at the same time, history, bookmarks, screen rotation lock, a search bar, private browsing, email integration, and much more, and iBrowse2 should be the only Web browser for the iPhone.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $0.99

App Size: 0.4 MB

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