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iPhone Apps - Aquari Browser


iPhone Apps - Aquari Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Aquari for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that provides a secure browsing experience without sacrificing other functionality. Access to the application can be protected with an optional 4-digit passcode, giving you the ability to prevent others from accessing your bookmarks, history, and other configuration items. If you would like to let someone use Aquari, but still desire to keep your information private, a Guest Mode can be enabled by simply entering the passcode 1-2-3-4.

In addition to the aforementioned secure access, Aquari also includes other useful privacy features. When browsing in Incognito mode, your browsing and search history is never saved. Also, session cookies can be automatically wiped out each and every time you close the application.

Aside from protecting your privacy and security, the Aquari browser is also somewhat feature-rich. Web pages can be viewed in Full Screen mode by simply flipping your device sideways or upside down. The ability to have eight open browser windows at a time, found in Safari but not in many of its alternatives, is included. The Bookmark storage in Aquari offers sub-folders and is easy to use and organize. Finally, both a Google and Shopping search bar rounds out the highlights. Aquari is available for free from the App Store, and offers more than some of its paid competitors.

Publisher's Description

Aquari gives you the Web experience you’ve come to expect from your regular iPhone Safari browser with newly added features that makes the experience even better and more secure. Get the best browser for the iPhone and don't be fooled by other crude and unpolished browsers you find in the App Store.

Aquari gives you privacy and protection from threats found both on and offline. Keep your settings, bookmarks, and logged-in websites safe from others using the iPhone with the passcode login feature and guest mode.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: FREE

App Size: 0.5 MB

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