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How to Change Your Home Page In Internet Explorer 7


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Add or Change Home Page Window
ie7 home page

(Image © Scott Orgera)

The Add or Change Home Page window should now be displayed, overlaying your browser window. The first piece of information displayed in this window is the URL of the current page. In the example above, this is http://www.about.com.

Internet Explorer 7 gives you the choice of having either one home page or multiple home pages. If you have multiple home pages, also known as home page tabs, then each one will open in a separate tab. This window contains two options if you have only one tab open at the moment and three options if more than one tab is open. Each option is accompanied by a radio button.

  • The first option, labeled Use this webpage as your only home page, will make the current web page your new home page.

  • The second option, labeled Add this webpage to your home page tabs, will add the current web page to your collection of home page tabs. This option enables you to have more than one home page. In this case, when you access your home page, a separate tab will open for each page within your home page tabs.

  • The third option, labeled Use the current tab set as your home page, is only available when you have more than one tab open at the moment. This option will create your home page tabs collection using all of the tabs that you currently have open.

Once you have selected the option that you desire, click on the button labeled Yes.

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