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How to Reset IE10 to Its Default Settings


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How to Reset IE10 to Its Default Settings

(Image © Scott Orgera)

The Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog, shown in the example above, should now be displayed. By default, the following items will be reset to their original state if you choose to continue with the process.

  • Any user-defined settings configured via IE10's Internet Options dialog; This includes privacy and security settings, as well as any items modified within the Advanced tab.
  • Any modifications made to IE10's tabbed browsing settings
  • Changes made to IE10's pop-up blocker, including the user-defined whitelist
  • Settings that were modified by toolbars or other add-ons
  • All browser extensions and toolbars will be disabled, but not removed.

There are also a number of other personal settings that are not reset by default. To include these settings in the reset process you must first place a check mark next to the Delete personal settings option, highlighted in the example above. These items are as follows.

  • Any modifications made to IE10's home page and startup settings
  • Any modifications made to IE10's default search providers
  • All private data components including temporary Internet files (cache), cookies, browsing history, saved passwords, ActiveX Filtering data and more will be deleted. Temporary Internet files, or cache, consists of images, multimedia files and even full copies of Web pages that are stored locally to reduce page load times on future visits. Browsing history is essentially a record of the websites that you have visited in the past, maintained by IE10 on your hard drive. Saved passwords, meanwhile, can be kept on your PC for a number of purposes such as accessing your email account or logging in to pay your bills.

Now that you understand which items will be reset to their default state, click on the Reset button to initiate the process. Proceed at your own risk, as this action cannot be reversed..

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