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iPad Apps - Atomic Web Browser

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atomic web browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Atomic Web Browser for the iPad offers a robust feature set normally reserved for desktop browsers. The main selling point lies in its full screen browsing mode, but it is the other functionality that really makes this app stand out from the pack.

Unlimited tabs, which can be displayed as a list or in the conventional method, all load simultaneously in an effort to cut down on wait time. This alone provides a significant advantage over the iPad's default Safari browser. In addition, the previous tab session can be stored for the next time you launch Atomic. An impressive bookmarking system is included, giving you the ability to import your favorite sites from your desktop browser and manipulate them in several ways. The integrated Bookmark Bar as well as being able to create an endless number of subfolders provides an added level of convenience. You can even utilize JavaScript bookmarklets to quickly perform common tasks.

Multi-touch gestures, using 2 or 3 fingers, let you rapidly change tabs and toggle full screen mode on and off. Atomic Web Browser can also block the majority of website advertisements by using customizable URL filters. Images can also be blocked at times where limited bandwidth is an issue.

On the privacy and security side, Atomic Web Browser presents an anonymous browsing mode as well as an optional passcode lock. Rounding out the main attributes are custom search engines, offline Web page viewing, easy Facebook and Twitter sharing, as well as user agent spoofing. This browser app is more than worth its price.

This review was last updated on June 22, 2010.

Publisher's Description

Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable full screen Web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, and much more.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad, iPhone

Price: $1.99

App Size: 9.5 MB

These details were last updated on August 23, 2013.

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