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iPad Apps - Perfect Browser

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iPad Apps - Perfect Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Perfect Browser is an iPad application that offers a plethora of features, including some unique to this app. With a clean interface and crisp display, it provides most of the common functionality that we've come to expect from desktop browsers as well as the majority of iPad alternatives. This includes a bookmarking system, unlimited tabbed browsing, the ability to clear private data, as well as full screen mode.

Where Perfect Browser distinguishes itself from the others, however, is its ability to take full advantage of the iPad's touch technology as well as its display. Smooth vertical scrolling is accomplished by utilizing the arrows and patented Hyper Scroll Bar, displayed on the right side of the browser window. Several multi-touch gestures are supported, allowing you to switch tabs, toggle full screen mode, and access your bookmarks. If you have a video connector cable, Perfect Browser also uses Rapid VGA output to display Web pages on external devices at optimal frame rates. This is great for browsing on a television or monitor.

Keeping on the topic of Web page display, this app also lets you spoof user agents of popular desktop browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. This feature allows your iPad to render Web pages as if they were being viewed in your favorite desktop browser.

With many iPad data plans being capped, data usage can be a concern for more active surfers. Keeping this in mind, Perfect Browser includes the ability to use Google's Web compression technology to load all pages up to 15 times faster and save on bandwidth. To minimize things even further, you are also given the option to stifle Web page images from loading. Those of you who prefer browsing in areas where Internet access is unavailable will be glad to know that Perfect Browser can save full Web pages to your iPad for offline access.

Finally, Perfect Browser even integrates itself with the iPad's Safari app. If you're browsing in Safari and you'd like to open a specific page in Perfect Browser instead, simply prefice the URL with perfect://. At $2.99, this app carries a heftier price tag than many of its competitors. Nevertheless, I believe that Perfect Browser is worth downloading.

Publisher's Description

"Perfect Browser is the fastest and most advanced feature-packed Web browser to date. Experience Better-than-Desktop class with breakthrough features including real tabs, Automatic Scrolling, VGA Output, Desktop Browser Rendering, Offline Pages, Private Mode, Precision Scrollbar, Multi-Touch Gestures, Fast Tab Switching, In-Page Search, Font Size Adjustment, Web Compression, Full Screen & more."

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad, iPhone OS 3.2 or higher

Price: $2.99

App Size: 0.5 MB

This article was last updated on August 10, 2010.

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