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How to Report an Issue in Google Chrome


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How to Report an Issue in Google Chrome

(Image © Scott Orgera)

This tutorial was last updated on June 13, 2013.

Chrome's issue reporting form should now be displayed in a new tab, as shown in the example above. This form contains the following sections. Although not all sections are required, it is recommended that you include everything.

  • Tell us what is happening: A required edit field, this section allows you to enter specifics about the problem that you have encountered. It is good practice to be as detailed as possible here.
  • Include this URL: Selected by default, this section includes the full URL (editable) of the current Web page.
  • Include this email: This section allows you to include your email address, in the event that the Chrome developers have questions about your submission.
  • Include this screenshot: When selected, a screenshot of the current Web page will be included in your report. A thumbnail preview of this screenshot will be displayed directly below this option, as shown in the example above.

Once you are satisfied with the details, click on the Send feedback button. A confirmation page will now be displayed, thanking you for your submission.

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