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HTML Validator (Browser Add-On)


HTML Validator (Browser Add-On)

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Browsers Supported

Firefox 1.x

Firefox 2.x

Firefox 3.x

Operating Systems Supported


About Web Browsers Summary

HTML Validator is a Firefox add-on which performs HTML validation right within your main browser window, eliminating the need for external tools. An icon located in the right hand corner of Firefox's statusbar depicts the number of HTML errors and warnings that exist on the page that you are currently viewing. Double-clicking on this icon opens a separate window, displaying the current page's source as well as the specific errors and warnings that HTML Validator has discovered within the code.

This add-on also features Cleanup functionality which modifies the current page's source and offers a corrected version of HTML code, based on errors found during the validation process. The ability to convert the page to XHTML is also included.

Validation can be performed using the HTML Tidy, SGML Parser, or Serial algorithms. HTML Validator also lets you filter out specific errors and warnings that you are not interested in.

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