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The 2014 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers


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2014 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers
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Article last updated on March 27, 2014

In early 2014, About Web Browsers participated in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. This was the fifth time the Web Browsers site partook in the festivities, with readers choosing from five finalists in each of the eleven categories. Ranging from Best iPad Browser to Best Google Chrome Theme, the browser portion of the awards offered up something for Web surfers on all platforms.

After an intense one month voting period that spanned parts of February and March, the polls were closed and votes were tallied to determine a winner in each category.

We appreciate everyone that took part in the awards process this year, from the readers who voted to the finalists themselves, and are proud to present the winners of the 2014 About.com Readers' Choice Awards: Web Browsers. Click Next to view the results!

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