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Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

Mobile Browsers


Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

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The Early Days

Although rudimentary Web browsers were available on select PDAs as early as 1996, true surfing on-the-go did not really become a part of our lives until this first decade of the new millenium. Not surprisingly Microsoft was in the fray early on with its Mobile Explorer browser, marketed as a portable version of IE. However, not until Opera burst on the scene with such groundbreaking innovations as Small Screen Rendering did the portable browsing experience really begin to take shape.

No Boundaries

Now, as we approach 2010, viewing many websites with mobile browsers actually mimics that of the desktop experience that we have all grown accustomed to. No longer are Internet surfers tied down to their desks. As more major sites develop content aimed specifically at portable devices such as the iPhone, and mobile browsers continue to improve upon their feature sets and support for common Web standards, the upcoming years should offer us even more freedom to browse anywhere we please.

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