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The 2008 About Web Browsers Awards

Best Security Add-on - NoScript


The 2008 About Web Browsers Awards

(Photo © Scott Orgera)

A Year of Exploits

In a year where security vulnerabilities were are the forefront of Web browser news, outside protection was very important. This came in the form of updates to the browsers themselves, third-party applications from companies such as McAfee and Norton, and free add-ons. Just being careful about what websites you visited and what links you clicked was no longer enough when it came to remaining vigilant against ill-willed hackers looking to exploit any flaw that they could find. This was not only a case of users putting the health of their computers and mobile devices at risk either. Personal information such as credit card and social security numbers, banking records, and other sensitive data became up for grabs if these vulnerabilities were exploited correctly.

Protect Yourself

One add-on that really stood out when it came to assisting the aforementioned user vigilance was NoScript for Firefox. Many serious JavaScript and Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities surfaced throughout 2008 and, in most cases, NoScript was the recommended antidote. The free add-on also served as protection from the infamous clickjacking flaw.

What You Need...

Updated constantly by its development team, NoScript has already amassed over thirty million downloads from Mozilla's add-on site alone. In today's somewhat dangerous Web climate, this handy little extension is as close to a must-have as you're going to get.

Honorable Mentions

Netcraft Toolbar


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