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The 2008 About Web Browsers Awards

Best Mobile Browser - Safari for the iPhone


The 2008 About Web Browsers Awards

(Photo © Scott Orgera)

The Disappointing Landscape

Mobile browsing has long been a source of excitement as well as frustration. As time has passed, more cellular phones and other portable devices have given users the ability to surf the Web. However, it always seemed that the overall experience left a lot to be desired. Even as faster networks emerged, the browsers themselves still did not deliver anything close to what users were seeing on their PCs. Promises of "near desktop experiences" failed to hit the mark time and time again.

Hope on the Horizon

That all began to change, gradually, as browsers such as Opera Mini 4 hit the scene. Finally, surfing on the run was starting to become less of a hassle and much more rewarding. With better page rendering and advanced features, the line between desktop and portable began to blur.

Desktop On the Go

The one browser that had the biggest effect on the mobile scene in 2008 was Safari for the iPhone. Offering what can be considered a true desktop experience, Apple's portable browser provides an impressive display, easy-to-use zoom controls, bookmarks, and a choice of integrated search engines. The introduction of the iPhone 3G just furthered Safari's power by significantly speeding up page load times. The fact that the iPhone still does not allow Flash hinders some sites from reaching their full potential. However, that is just one of a few cons in a browser stacked with pros.

Safari for the iPhone Tutorials

Manage Browsing History

Add Bookmarks

Add Home Screen Icons

Email Web Pages

Delete Cookies

Modify the Search Engine

Activate the Developer Console

Disable Plug-Ins

Disable JavaScript

Manage the Pop-up Blocker

Delete Cache

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