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Today's web browsers are flush with new features, allowing us to do things never before imaginable. Innovations such as tabbed browsing and private data storage have done a great deal to enrichen our experience and enhance our daily lives. However, nothing can compare to the impact that add-ons and extensions have made. These additions, usually written by a third-party, can expand your browser's functionality to unlimited levels. The following reviews, tutorials, and other resources will aid you in exploring these seemingly unlimited possibilities.
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Guide Reviews

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New add-ons and extensions are created daily and, as is the case with anything that is mass-produced, there are both good ones and bad ones available. Some may actually be harmful to your computer while others can prove to be a great boon to your overall experience. These comprehensive reviews will aid you in determining which browser additions are ideal for your particular wants and needs.

Top Picks

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The following are add-ons and extensions that have been hand-picked by your About Web Browsers Guide as the elite in their class. After reviewing hundreds of options, these are the browser additions deemed to be the best of the bunch.

User Scripts

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User scripts give you the ability to modify the behavior, content, and display features of a large number of web sites. They are available for most major browsers and can be used to perform simple tasks such as altering the title bar on an eBay auction to something more complex like redesigning the entire MySpace home page. These reviews and other resources will help you utilize these powerful scripts to your benefit.

What Is a Browser Add-on?

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Now that you've gotten a brief introduction to the vast realm of browser add-ons you probably want to know just what they are and how they operate. These articles do their best to help enlighten you on the subject.

How to Install

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Each web browser has its own unique mechanism for installing and managing add-ons and extensions. These step-by-step tutorials will teach you exactly how the process is handled in your particular browser.

Creating Your Own

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The beauty of browser add-ons and extensions is that they can be created by the general public. There are a wealth of options available for those interested in taking a shot at making their own, and the following resources will help you get started on turning your great idea into an actual application.

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