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The Top 14 File Download and File Transfer Add-Ons

The best free add-ons for file download and file transfer


As high-speed Internet connections have become more and more commonplace, so has the popularity of downloading. Whether it be a song, game, movie, software application, or something else entirely, many of the things we desire can be obtained through the magic of a download. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It can be if you have the right weaponry. The following add-ons, in combination with your browser, can help you locate what you are looking for and assist you in downloading it.


FoxTorrent incorporates a BitTorrent client into your browser. This add-on gives you the ability to monitor and control the download progress of torrent files in a sleek and easy to use interface which is displayed in your browser's main window.

Fast Video Download

Fast Video Download gives you the ability to download and save video files from a number of popular sites including MySpace and YouTube. Embedded videos on an open Web page can be downloaded by simply clicking an icon in your browser's status bar.


DownThemAll! is an extremely powerful download manager and accelerator for the Firefox web browser. This feature-rich extension not only speeds up your downloads but allows you to easily retrieve links and images from a Web page.

Downloads in Tab

Downloads in Tab automatically opens the browser's Download Manager in a new tab whenever a download begins. Several configuration options are available, allowing you to control tab and window behavior during active and completed file downloads.


FireFTP lets you access a full-featured File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client from right within your browser window, giving you the ability to upload and download files to and from FTP servers.

Stupid Chrome Tasks

Stupid Chrome Tasks allows you to clear your history of downloaded files. The add-on informs you of the number of items currently recorded by Chrome's download history and provides a button which, when pressed, clears that entire list.

Torrent Finder Toolbar

The Torrent Finder Toolbar allows you to simultaneously search over 100 torrent sites directly from your web browser. Loaded with various customization options, this add-on makes it very simple to find the active torrents that you are looking for.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper gives you the ability to capture and download audio, video, and image files from web sites like YouTube and MySpace. You can also receive alerts whenever a new video is available within your interest range on a select group of sites.

PDF Download

PDF Download gives you several options when you click on a link whose target is a file in the .pdf format. You are given the ability to display the file within or outside of Firefox, save it to your hard drive, or view it in HTML format by using on the fly conversion.

Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics

Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics performs connection speed tests in addition to providing your public IP address and domain name. Also, Internet connection status as well as several diagnostic tools are provided whenever a Web page fails to load.
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