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Pictures Toolbar

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Pictures Toolbar

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The Bottom Line

Pictures Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add-on which retrieves all the images from a web page as well as connecting pages and saves them to your hard drive. After the images are stored, you can view them separately or through a slideshow right in your main browser window. Galleries can be created and managed from the toolbar itself, and the ability to filter out specific image types is also included.


  • Pictures Toolbar lets you download all the images on a web site with one simple click.
  • The slideshow feature allows you to easily scan through all downloaded images from right within IE.
  • Navigating through separate images in a gallery can be done via the toolbar or keyboard shortcut.
  • Content filter gives you the ability to block certain image types from being stored.
  • Customization options allow you to add or remove buttons on the toolbar's interface.


  • IE needs to be restarted before you can switch between galleries created during the current session.
  • Minimum picture width and height can only be specified in the paid version (Download Toolbar).


  • Pictures Toolbar retrieves and stores all images on a web page and its connecting pages by clicking on the Download button.
  • Each set of images are stored in their own gallery.
  • Toolbar controls allow you to easily navigate back and forth between saved galleries as well as between single images.
  • Individual images as well as full galleries can be deleted and optionally moved to the Recycle Bin directly from the toolbar.
  • The Slideshow feature can be configured to include all saved galleries instead of just the active one.
  • The Start Slideshow button displays each image within the current gallery, with a user defined # of seconds between slides.
  • Specific image types (bmp, gif, jpg, png) can be omitted from downloads if necessary.
  • Image downloads can also be filtered by minimum file size.
  • Link distance can be configured to retrieve images from a user defined number of pages linked from the current web page.
  • Several keyboard shortcuts can be enabled to move through images and galleries as well as toggle the slideshow on and off.

Guide Review - Pictures Toolbar

Pictures Toolbar is great for folks who want to easily retrieve all of the images from a web site without the hassle of manually grabbing each one individually. The toolbar is smart enough to pull images from other pages that are linked on the current one and also gives you the ability to specify a maximum link distance. More importantly, you can modify the settings so only images from the same server as the current page are stored. This can be important for security reasons and can also aid developers who are only looking to get files from a specific domain. Navigation between images and galleries is extremely simple, and being able to view images within the browser window even when you are offline is a plus. Diodia Software, the creators of this add-on, offer a paid version of the product called the Download Toolbar which is a bit more feature rich. However, for the price tag of free, Pictures Toolbar gets the job done.
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