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The Bottom Line

DownThemAll! is an extremely powerful download manager and accelerator for the Firefox for Windows web browser. This feature-rich extension not only speeds up your downloads but allows you to easily retrieve links and images from a web page. You are also given the ability to filter certain file types from being transferred, and much more.


  • DownThemAll! provides much more in the way of customization compared to Firefox's Download Manager.
  • Download speeds are noticeably faster when using this add-on.
  • Retrieving all the files from a web page can be done in just a few simple clicks.
  • Customizable filters offer flexibility as well as added security.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to modify.


  • Novice users may have trouble understanding the Renaming Masks feature.
  • The dTaOneClick! feature does not always function correctly.


  • DownThemAll! accelerates download speeds within Firefox by up to 400%.
  • Downloads can be paused and resumed at any point via the dTa! Manager.
  • All or some of the links, pictures, and embedded files on a web page can be downloaded to a user-specified location.
  • Filter preferences allow you to block certain file types from being transferred.
  • Both audio and video alerts can be triggered upon download completion or in the event of an error.
  • The progress window can be configured to show or hide completed, queued, or erroneous downloads along with active transfers.
  • DropThemAll!'s user interface and menus can be easily modified via the Preferences dialog.
  • Multipart downloads can be activated, with settings ranging from 2-10 chunks per download.
  • Inactivity timeouts can be set in second or minute intervals, 10 seconds being the shortest and 15 minutes being the longest.
  • Disk space pre-allocation is available, speeding up file combination and reducing fragmentation during downloads.

Guide Review - DownThemAll!

There are a lot of solid download manager applications out there, with the majority of them being external to your web browser. What separates DownThemAll! from the pack is that, like most add-ons, it couples itself to Firefox. While the browser's built-in Download Manager offers little more than basic status updates and custom download locations, DownThemAll! gives you a full-fledged application right in Firefox's Tools menu. The ability to easily pull down embedded files and everything else from a web page is great, and the options available ensure that you only get what you want when you want it. With all of the great features available, it is easy to lose sight of what may be this add-on's most attractive drawing point - speed! With all downloads, you are at the mercy of not only your connection speed but that of the host as well. However, who wouldn't want a boost in their transfer rate? DownThemAll! gives you just that as well as much, much more. Install this add-on today and give your Firefox downloads a shot of adrenaline.
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