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The Bottom Line

Feedbackfox is a Firefox extension which displays an eBay feedback filter in the sidebar of your browser window, allowing you to view a member's feedback based on comment type.


  • Filtering feedback based on comment type is done with a simple click.
  • Comments can be quickly sorted by date, user, or even item number.
  • A buyer or seller's feedback history can be viewed without having to leave an eBay item page.
  • Color coding makes troubling comment types easy to spot.
  • English, German, and Spanish languages are supported.


  • Large comment lists are slow to load at times.


  • When launched, the Feedbackfox interface is displayed in Firefox's sidebar.
  • Feedbackfox can be launched via the Feedbackfox option in Firefox's Tools menu or via an optional button on your toolbar.
  • Any user's feedback comments can be retrieved by entering their username in the field provided and clicking on the Go button.
  • All feedback comments are displayed in the following default columns in the sidebar: Comment, by, Date.
  • The eBay item number associated with each comment can also be displayed if you desire.
  • Columns can be easily added and removed using the Table button.
  • Comments can be filtered by the following criteria using the appropriate buttons: Positive, Neutral, Negative, Withdrawn.
  • Comment display can be sorted by any of the following: Comment, by, Date, Item.
  • The maximum amount of comments displayed (default = 1000) can be configured in Feedbackfox's Preferences.
  • Each column item is fully displayed as rollover text by hovering your mouse cursor over it.

Guide Review - Feedbackfox

The feedback system is how we police ourselves and others on eBay. The tools the site itself offers to browse through feedback have become somewhat antiquated, however, because of extensions like Feedbackfox. No longer do you have to stray from the item or web page you are viewing to see a member's feedback, as it can be displayed conveniently in your Firefox sidebar. Also, no longer do you have to trudge through pages and pages of comments to locate those nasty negatives. This addition to your browser is completely non-intrusive since you don't need to see it until you're ready to utilize it, and it really steps up when the time comes. I recommend that all eBay members download Feedbackfox right away.
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