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2010 About.com Reader's Choice Awards: Best Overall Add-On (Non-Security)

What is the Best Overall Add-On?

Is the best add-on one that improves your daily productivity? Perhaps it's one that integrates the latest news and weather into your favorite browser. Whatever the choice may be, you make the call. Nominate your choice for the best browser add-on in the 2010 About.com Reader's Choice Awards.

We're looking for the opinions of About.com readers on the best Web browsers and browser-related software across 7 categories including this one. The nomination period begins on January 1, 2010 and closes on January 24, 2010. Voting on the final nominees will then take place in February with the winners being announced on March 1.

The Best Overall Non-Security Add-On category is for any browser add-on, plug-in, or extension that is not related to privacy or security. Privacy and security-related add-ons have their own separate category. Add-ons which run on multiple browsers and platforms, as well as those only compatible with a specific configuration such as Google Chrome on Windows only, are acceptable.

Other Categories...

To nominate Web browsers or browser-related resources in other categories visit one of the following links:

Best Browser Theme
Best Independent Browser
Best Major Desktop Browser
Best Mobile Browser
Best Privacy/Security Add-On
Best User Script

Nomination Instructions: Best Overall Add-On (Non-Security)

February 1, 2010: The nomination period has closed for this category. The finalists have been announced and the voting has begun!

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