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Readers Respond: The Best Web Browsers for the iPad

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From the article: Top 8 iPad Web Browsers

The majority of iPad users surf the Web using their device's default browser, Safari. Although Apple's browser is a respectable offering, there are several other options available for download via the App Store.

Do you have a favorite browser on your iPad? If so, which one is it and what do you like about it? About Web Browsers wants to know!

Browser with desktop force and upload

I havent found a browser yet that forces desktop on Google plus AND gives you upload functionality...I really need to manage my g+ page on the road...if anybody knows a good browser or other app for that..eternally grateful :)
—Guest Lacuna


If you need desktop emulation on your ipad, this is the only one of 8 that I tested that will really do the job---AND play flash !! Check it out.
—Guest Karnac


I was using Terra browser until I came across Maven. Maven has unlimited tabs, dual window mode, it stores passwords (optional), and has a really nifty on-screen trackpad so you can scroll just by holding your thumb down. It also has a thumb-dial for adjusting brightness and selecting bookmarks. I love the "reader" view for web pages that don't format well on the iPad. It re-formats the page in a more readable format. It also has a font size setting, which helps a lot on some pages. Maven feels more like a browser designed specifically for touch screens, rather than just being a small-screen adaptation of a desktop browser.

Browser you can markup/take screenshot

If you want a browser you can markup on and take a screenshot of the markup area. You can use CheckItOut HD. Its a simple browser but can store some bookmarks of most browsed site that you want to quickly annotate and grab a screenshot. Appstore link: http://bit.ly/b7QACV

Try the Night Tabbed Browser App

Check out Aarde Web Browser. It is tabbed and has brightness controls for night browsing. http://bit.ly/clAuCQ

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