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Readers Respond: The Best Browser Innovation of the Decade

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This decade has seen its share of remarkable breakthroughs in technology, and the Web browser is certainly no exception. We have certainly come a long way since waiting patiently for Web pages to load in IE5 at 14.4Kbps. Our list ranks those innovations that have affected the browser the most over the past ten years, as determined by reader feedback and overall impact. Which one is your favorite and why?

Tabbed Browsing

Where do you find one? Google it. Web browsing has made researching facile. Tab browsing certainly speeds up the process. ~TaniaCruz.com
—Guest Tania Cruz

Add-ons changed everything.

Being able to customize your browser brought browsing to a new level. I have many add-ons installed on my Firefox, each which I use for different purposes and at different times.
—Guest Candy Andy


There is no doubt that extensions are best things about Firefox.Love them.
—Guest Philc8

gotta have add-ons

When Firefox came on the scene with tabs and add-ons, i think it made browsers more personalized and finally took some steam out of Internet Explorer. Add-ons completely changed browsing for me and I don't know what to do if I am on a computer that doesn't have my add-ons and browser setup :-)

Tabbed Browsing

I love tabbed browsing. It's my favorite! It allows me to manage my busy day efficiently as possible.
—Guest Jess DePalma

Firefox extensions

Firebug, Web Developer's Toolbar, Video Downloader. Those three firefox extensions are the reason I use firefox still.
—Guest Solorzano
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