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Readers Respond: Have You Had an Unpleasant Experience with Buzzdock?

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From the article: Buzzdock Ads

Have you had an unpleasant experience with Buzzdock ads displaying in your browser? Did Buzzdock ads begin showing up on your PC even though you had never knowingly installed the add-on? Have you had trouble removing Buzzdock from your system?

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Unnecessary Adware on Chrome

It is my understanding that the majority of computers displaying Buzzdock services are those on which Buzzdock has been installed. However, I am also aware that Chrome, IE, and Firefox all carry Buzzdock. I am totally dissatisfied by this service and think these browsers should not take such liberties. I believe Buzzdock only slows my browser and displays clutter on the page. So far, it has not genuinely assisted me in any search.
—Guest rattlesnakeroam

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Have You Had an Unpleasant Experience with Buzzdock?

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