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The Top 5 Digg Extensions for Google Chrome

The best free Digg extensions for the Chrome browser


Article last updated on November 10, 2011

Extensions for Chrome have all types of uses, allowing you to do virtually anything with the Google browser.  Customizing the appearance and functionality of the social news website Digg is one area where these add-ons come in very handy. The following 5 Chrome extensions, displayed in alphabetical order, are intended to enhance your Digg experience in various ways.

1. Digg AdBlocker

Digg AdBlocker stifles the display of both the header and footer banner advertisements on Digg.com.

2. Digg for Chrome

Digg for Chrome offers a useful subset of Digg's features without having to leave your current Web page.  This is the official extension, created by the developers at Digg Inc. themselves.

3. Digg Reader

Digg Reader features the latest major stories in a scrollable pop-out window.

4. Digg This Page

Digg This Page gives you the ability to submit the current Web page to Digg with one click.

5. minimal.digg

minimal.digg removes several components from Digg's website to create a cleaner interface.

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