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The Top 15 Twitter Extensions for Google Chrome

The best free Twitter extensions for the Chrome browser


Article last updated on May 14, 2010

Extensions for Chrome have all types of uses, allowing you to do virtually anything with the Google browser.  Customizing the social micro-blogging service Twitter is one area where these add-ons come in very handy. The following 15 Chrome extensions, displayed in alphabetical order, are intended to enhance Twitter in various ways.

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird is a browser-based client that adds a myriad of improvements and new features to Twitter.

Goo.gl Shortener + Share on Twitter

Goo.gl Shortener + Share on Twitter automatically shortens the URL of the Web page you are currently viewing and populates it in a tweet entry field.

Google + Twitter Mashup

Google + Twitter Mashup combines the search results from Google with those from Twitter on one convenient page.


Intersect displays both mutual followers and friends when viewing someone else's Twitter profile.

Twitter Creation Date

Twitter Creation Date displays the date a Twitter account was created directly below a user's profile.

Twitter Extender

Twitter Extender enhances Twitter's functionality by incorporating several new features.

Twitter Notifier

Twitter Notifier displays the number of unread messages in your Twitter account at the far right hand side of your browser's main toolbar.

Twitter Pulse

Twitter Pulse displays the 10 URLs that have been retweeted the most on the website you are currently viewing.

Twitter Reactions

Twitter Reactions displays the latest tweets about the Web page that is active in your browser.

Twitter Share This Page

Twitter Share This Page allows you to quickly share the current Web page on Twitter via a new button integrated with the browser's address bar.

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