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Here you will find in-depth information and reviews from your About Web Browsers Guide on various add-ons and plug-ins for several different browsers.

eBay Browser Add-Ons for Firefox - About Web Browsers - What's Your F…
eBay has grown from a simple online auction host to one of the Web's most heavily trafficked sites. Its members range from large businesses to everyday people like you and me. Some folks make a living on the site while others use it to search for that hard to find item. Whatever your role is in the world of eBay, there are several free tools available to help enhance both your experience and prod…

1-Click Answers
1-Click Answers is an IE Add-on that instantly provides definitions, facts, and more on any word that you choose within your browser window. The information, conveniently displayed in a pop-up bubble, is retrieved from the massive Answers.Com reference library.

All-in-One Sidebar
All-in-One Sidebar is a Firefox add-on that turns your sidebar into a centralized hub for some of the browser's main features.

AlphaTicker is a Firefox add-on which adds a scrolling stock ticker to your browser's toolbar section. The latest stock prices and currency quotes, delayed by the standard 15-20 minutes, are clearly displayed directly above Firefox's tabs.

Better Gmail 2
Better Gmail 2 is a unique Firefox add-on, as it is actually a compilation of several Greasemonkey user scripts which have been combined for convenience purposes. It allows you to tweak Google's Web-based email client in many interesting ways.

Chrome Mailer
Chrome Mailer is an add-on for Google Chrome which automatically opens and composes a Gmail message whenever you click on a mailto: link.

CraigZilla is a Firefox add-on which couples the popular classified site Craigslist with your browser, giving you the upper hand when it comes to sifting through its vast number of listings.

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension which allows you to modify the appearance of your Google search results in several ways, such as adding links to other search engines and suppressing advertisements.

Customizable Shortcuts
Customizable Shortcuts gives you the ability to modify Firefox's integrated keyboard shortcuts.

eBay Buddy
eBay Buddy is a Firefox extension which provides comprehensive menus which allow you to easily access hundreds of sections on eBay as well as several related sites and tools.

eBay Counter
eBay Counter is a Greasemonkey user script which adds a live countdown timer to active eBay auctions.

eBay Featured Items Filter
eBay Featured Items Filter is a Greasemonkey user script that removes all featured items from eBay search listings.

eBay Snipe at AuctionSniper
eBay Snipe at AuctionSniper.com is a Greasemonkey user script that adds a "snipe" link to all eBay auctions.

The Fasterfox add-on for Firefox speeds up your browser by utilizing a series of network and performance tweaks. Idle time is taken advantage of using a content prefetching mechanism to help you achieve the fastest load times possible.

Feedbackfox is a Firefox extension which displays an eBay feedback filter in the sidebar of your browser window, allowing you to view a member's feedback based on comment type.

FireGestures is a Firefox add-on which adds customizable mouse gestures to your browser.

Flagfox is a Firefox add-on that provides instant access to a website's server information.

Forecastfox is an add-on for the Firefox web browser which gives you the ability to display international and local weather forecasts in almost any of the browser's toolbars or status bars.

FoxClocks is a Firefox add-on which displays the current time from practically any locale in the world right in your browser's status bar or in a custom toolbar.

GooglePreview is a Firefox add-on that enhances both Google and Yahoo search results.

GooglePreviewIE is a toolbar for Internet Explorer which inserts thumbnail images of web sites directly into both Google and Yahoo search results.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows you to modify the way web pages display by utilizing JavaScript code. Thousands of unique scripts tailored to a large number of sites are available free of charge.

Green is a Firefox add-on that replaces some of the advertisements you would normally come across on webpages with custom ads. The revenues from said ads are then used to fund various environmental programs as well as the development of alternative energy sources.

ieSpell is a browser add-on for Internet Explorer v6 and v7 for the Windows platform. It checks the spelling of almost any text that you enter in IE, whether it be Web-based email, blog entries, forums, and so on.

Inline Search
Inline Search is an Internet Explorer add-on which allows you to easily find words or phrases within a web page.

LinkedIn Companion
The LinkedIn Companion lets you take total control of your LinkedIn experience in several ways. Custom search engines are incorporated into your browser's toolbar, letting you quickly find jobs, people, and services on the vast network of professionals.

myTimeZone for eBay
myTimeZone for eBay is a Firefox extension which converts dates and times on eBay listings to reflect your specific locale. In addition, it gives you the ability to customize date formats in a number of ways and also provides automatic currency conversion and total price sorting options.

PDF Download
PDF Download is a Firefox extension which gives you several options when you click on a link whose target is a file in the .pdf format. You are given the ability to display the file within or outside of Firefox, save it to your hard drive, or view it in HTML format by using on the fly conversion.

Quitomzilla is a Firefox add-on which helps you quit smoking cigarettes by telling you how many cigarettes you would have smoked as well as how much money you have saved since you quit.

ReminderFox is a Firefox add-on which can be set to notify you of important events while you're browsing the Web.

ShowIP is a Firefox extension that displays the IP address of the web page you are currently viewing right in your browser's status bar.

StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It scours the Internet for you, finding thousands of web sites that match your interests. Not only does this toolbar find endless sites based on the topics you are interested in, it also allows you to meet and message people with similar interests and create a network of friends.

TabsLock is an add-on that transforms your Caps Lock key into a Google Chrome 'launcher'.

TimeTracker is a Firefox add-on which tracks your browsing time across multiple sessions, letting you know exactly how much time you actually spend using the browser.

Tinseltown is a Firefox add-on that transforms your browser into a virtual Winter wonderland.

Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar and Theme
Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar and Theme is a Firefox add-on which decorates your browser in the spirit of December 25th.

Word Browser Plug-in
The Word Browser Plug-in for Safari gives you the capability to open text-only previews of Microsoft Word documents (files with a .doc extension) in your browser window.

Xmas is a Firefox add-on that helps spread a little Christmas cheer by totally revamping the look of your browser.

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