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iPhone Apps - Shaking Web Browser


iPhone Apps - Shaking Web Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Shaking Web for the iPhone and iPod touch is a browser truly designed for surfing on-the-go. Based on the same core components as Safari, the application detects slight hand movements such as shaking and applies the opposite movement to the webpage content that you are viewing.

The goal of this unique design is to, as the creator puts it, "keep the reading where the eyes are." Shaking Web can come in handy when traveling by train, bus, or other vehicle.

Publisher's Description

"Shaking Web was created with one goal in mind: to make easy reading web pages when you're moving. It's the best solution when commuting by Bus or Metro (where Internet connection is available) and traveling by car (not driving of course).

There is no Revolution without Evolution. Using Safari's components (the Revolution) as a core element and adding sophisticated algorithms to compensate small hand shaking, Shaking Web brings you the next level of experience in mobile browsing.

When hands shake due to general body movement (not walking), Shaking Web feels the movement and applies a small but opposite movement to the viewable content, trying to keep the reading where the eyes are." - Salvador Ponticelli

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $0.99

App Size: 0.2 MB

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