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iPhone Apps - QuickSurf Browser


iPhone Apps - QuickSurf Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

QuickSurf for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that renders pages faster than most iPhone browsers by not downloading the majority of advertisements and image files contained on a Web page. This is ideal on slower connections, such as the EDGE network, and gives you the ability to access the sites you need when in a rush.

An integrated ad blocker stifles content from a large number of popular ad servers, providing a more non-obtrusive browsing session. QuickSurf also offers a fullscreen mode which can be quickly toggled on and off by simply shaking your device.

If you wish to load website images, simply switch from Quick to Normal mode by utilizing the buttons present at the bottom of the browser window. QuickSurf also offers a privacy mode which, when enabled, will ensure that your browsing history is not recorded. In addition, A bookmarking feature called Quick Launch lets you save important URLs for easy access at a later date.

Publisher's Description

QuickSurf Web Browser lets you browse Web pages while avoiding the downloading and displaying of most website images and advertisements, all in full screen. Ideal when you're in a hurry, on a slow connection, or just want to lower cellular data roaming charges.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $0.99

App Size: 0.1 MB

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