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iPhone Apps - Incognito Web Browser


iPhone Apps - Incognito Web Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Incognito for the iPhone is a browser, based on the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari, which gives you the ability to privately surf the Web without leaving any tracks by completely anonymizing your entire mobile browsing experience. Unlike other iPhone selections, this browser does not save a history of the sites that you visit or the links that you click on.

It also gives you the ability to set the home page as well as to toggle Auto Rotation on and off. With Auto Rotation off, Incognito will not go into Landscape Mode when your iPhone or iPod touch is turned sideways.

Publisher's Description

"Incognito is an anonymous web utility for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now you can browse without leaving a history of any kind. Simply close the browser, and Incognito will erase the entire session!

Now you will no longer have to clear Mobile Safari’s history just to hide a single entry, which rendered the URL auto-completion useless.

Includes full, anonymous support for linked media files, including all videos and sound files played by Mobile Safari! Also includes an orientation lock mode and a customizable homepage."

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $2.99

App Size: 0.5 MB

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