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iPad Apps - News Browser

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iPad Apps - News Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

News Browser is an iPad app that makes it easy to peruse the Web's most popular news sites on your portable device. Shortcut buttons to over a dozen newsworthy destinations are located at the very top of your browser window, allowing access to their respective home pages with a quick tap of the finger. These news resources include Web giants like Google and Yahoo! as well as reputable online publications such as The Washington Post and USA Today.

The bookmarking system in News Browser is not the conventional type, as content saved in Bookmarks can be viewed while offline. This comes in very handy if you know that you're heading somewhere without Internet access and still want to catch up on the latest headlines.

Another factor that makes News Browser unique is not necessarily a positive one. Unlike 99% of browsers out there, this app does not have an address bar and therefore does not allow you to enter your own URLs. News Browser is certainly handy for accessing most of the top news sites, but I see no reason why the developers couldn't include the option for manual URL entry.

Also disappointing is the fact that you cannot add your own news shortcuts, making notable omissions such as Fox News and The New York Times that much more frustrating. Nevertheless, the offline bookmarking and ease of use make News Browser a somewhat worthy purchase for news junkies on-the-go.

Publisher's Description

The application with quick access to the top news websites. Gives you quick touch access to the best news resources in the world. Any page can be added as a bookmark to view it in offline mode.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $0.99

App Size: 0.7 MB

This article was last updated on July 20, 2010.

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