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How to Manage Tabbed Browsing Settings In Internet Explorer 7


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Tabbed Browsing Settings (Options - 2)
How to Manage Tabbed Browsing Settings In Internet Explorer 7
  • Only open the first home page when Internet Explorer starts: IE 7 gives you the option to have multiple home pages, also known as home page tabs. With this option selected, only the first entry in your home page tabs will automatically open. If it is not selected, each home page will open at the same time in separate tabs.

  • Open new tabs next to the current tab: Active by default, this option causes new tabs to open directly to the right of the tab that is currently active. If this option is turned off, new tabs will be opened to the right of the last tab on the Tab Bar.

  • Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page: When opening a new tab to an unspecified location, such as from the New Tab button or by using the CTRL+T shortcut, IE's default behavior is to open its Tab Help screen (about:Tabs) in the browser window. With this option selected, your home page will load in the new tab in place of this help screen.

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