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How to Manage Tabbed Browsing Settings In Internet Explorer 7


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Tabbed Browsing Settings (Options - 1)
How to Manage Tabbed Browsing Settings In Internet Explorer 7

The various options in the first section of the Tabbed Browsing Settings window are each accompanied by a checkbox. When checked, the respective option is currently active. Below is a brief explanation of each one.

  • Warn me when closing multiple tabs: Active by default, this causes Internet Explorer to display the following warning dialog when you attempt to close several tabs at once: Do you want to close all tabs? This dialog gives you the option to close all tabs as well as the choice to have these same tabs opened the next time you launch IE.

  • Always switch to new tabs when they are created: When a new tab is opened via a link, its default behavior is for the current tab to remain active. With this option selected, new tabs automatically gain focus and become active.

  • Enable Quick Tabs: Active by default, this causes a Quick Tabs button to become available. The button, graphically represented by four small boxes, is located on IE's Tab Bar in between the Add to Favorites button and the first open tab. Clicking on the Quick Tabs button will display thumbnail images containing page previews for all of your open tabs. Clicking on a thumbnail image itself will take you directly to the respective tab. If you modify the value of this option, Internet Explorer must be restarted for the appropriate changes to take effect. Also please note that in lieu of clicking the Quick Tabs button the following shortcut keys can be used: CTRL + Q

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