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How to Manage Browsing History and Other Private Data in IE10


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Temporary Internet Files
How to Manage Browsing History and Other Private Data in IE10

(Image © Scott Orgera)

IE10's Website Data Settings dialog should now be displayed, overlaying your browser window. Click on the Temporary Internet Files tab, if it is not already selected.

Several options related to IE10's Temporary Internet Files, also known as cache, are available within this tab. The first section, labeled Check for newer versions of stored pages:, dictates how often the browser checks with a Web server to see if a newer version of the page currently stored on your hard drive is available. This section contains the following four options, each accompanied by a radio button.

  • Every time I visit the webpage
  • Every time I start Internet Explorer
  • Automatically (enabled by default)
  • Never

The next section in this tab, labeled Disk space to use, allows you to specify how many megabytes you wish to set aside on your hard drive for IE10's cache files. In the example above the maximum size of my cache is set to 250MB, the high end of the recommended range. To modify this number, either click on the up/down arrows or manually enter the desired number of megabyes in the field provided.

The third and final section in this tab, labeled Current location:, contains three buttons and allows you to modify the location on your hard drive where IE10's temporary files are stored. It also provides the ability to view said files within Windows Explorer. The first button, Move folder..., lets you choose a new folder to house your cache. The second button, View objects, displays currently installed Web application objects (such as ActiveX Controls). The third button, View files, displays all Temporary Internet Files including cookies.

Once you are done configuring these options to your liking, click on the History tab.

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