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How to Manage AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 10


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Open Your IE10 Browser
How to Manage AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 10

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This tutorial was last updated on January 29, 2013.

Even the most experienced typists can use some help every now and then, and IE10's AutoComplete feature provides just that. Entries in the browser's address bar - as well as within various types of Web forms - are stored for later use, auto-populated whenever you begin typing something similar. These suggested matches can save you from a great deal of unnecessary typing in the long run, and can also serve as a virtual memory bank of data that you may have otherwise forgotten.

IE10 allows you to manage AutoComplete in several ways, providing the ability to specify which data components (browsing history, Web forms, etc.) are utilized as well as offering a way to delete all history associated with this feature. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to access and modify IE10's AutoComplete settings.

First, open your IE10 browser.

Windows 8 users: Please note that this tutorial is for IE10 in Desktop Mode.

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