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How to Import Favorites and RSS Feeds to Internet Explorer 9


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Open Your IE9 Browser
How to Import Favorites and RSS Feeds to Internet Explorer 9

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This tutorial was last updated on September 28, 2012

Internet Explorer's user base has certainly seen its share of churn over the years due to a number of factors, including slow rendering times and a perceived lack of adherence to common standards. This downward trend began to reverse itself with the release of IE9, by far the best offering up to this point in Microsoft's long-running browser line. Many who abandoned IE in the past have since migrated back to the "blue E" for version 9, leaving their primary browsers behind. For those Web surfers re-offering their allegiance to Microsoft, IE9 provides the ability to import your favorite websites as well as RSS feeds from other browsers - whether through an internal wizard or via an exported file.

This step-by-step tutorial describes how to import your personal data components. First, open your IE9 browser.

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