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Keyboard Shortcuts - Internet Explorer 9


Keyboard Shortcuts - Internet Explorer 9

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Below is a list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts that can be used in IE9. These shortcuts can perform a wide array of functions, ranging from activating InPrivate Browsing mode to opening the browser's Developer Tools interface.

  • CTRL + T: Open a new tab in the foreground

  • CTRL + MOUSE CLICK: Open a link in a new tab (in the background)

  • CTRL + SHIFT + MOUSE CLICK: Open a link in a new tab (in the foreground)

  • ALT + ENTER: Open a new tab, in the foreground, from IE's Address (or URL) bar

  • CTRL + TAB: Switch between open tabs

  • CTRL + W: Close the current tab or window

  • CTRL + K: Create a duplicate of the active tab

  • CTRL + SHIFT + T: Reopen the last tab that was closed

  • CTRL + ALT + F4: Close all tabs except the active one

  • CTRL + 9: Advance to the last open tab

  • CTRL + Q: Activate or disable the Quick Tabs feature

  • CTRL + N: Open a new window

  • CTRL + SHIFT + P: Open a new window in InPrivate Browsing mode

  • ALT + J: Open the RSS menu

  • ALT + L: Open the Help menu

  • ALT + M: Open the Home menu

  • ALT + O: Open the Tools menu

  • ALT + R: Open the Print menu

  • ALT + S: Open the Safety menu

  • CTRL + C: Copy selected text or images to the Clipboard

  • CTRL + A: Cut (remove) selected text or images, copying them to the Clipboard

  • CTRL + V: Paste current contents of the Clipboard

  • CTRL + A: Select all items on the current page

  • CTRL + PLUS SIGN: Zoom in on the current page by 10%

  • CTRL + MINUS SIGN: Decrease zoom on the current page by 10%

  • CTRL + 0 (ZERO): Increase zoom on the current page to 100%

  • ALT + HOME: Load your home page

  • ALT + RIGHT ARROW: Advance to the next page in your browsing history

  • ALT + LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE: Advance to the previous page in your browsing history

  • F11: Activate or disable Full Screen mode

  • F5: Reload the current page

  • CTRL + F5: Reload the current page, overriding the cache

  • CTRL + I: Open the Favorites interface

  • CTRL + J: Open the Feeds interface

  • CTRL + H: Open the History interface

  • CTRL + F: Find specific text on the current page

  • F12: Open the Developer Tools interface

  • TAB: Advance through active components on the current page, or through items in IE's Address and/or Favorites toolbars

  • HOME: Advance to the very beginning of the current page

  • END: Advance to the very end of the current page

  • ESC: Stop loading the current page

  • CTRL + S: Save the current page to your hard drive

  • CTRL + P: Print the current page

  • ALT + P: Configure printing options for the current page(s)

  • ALT + U: Configure headers/footers, margins, orientation, and paper type for the purpose of printing the current page(s)

  • F4: Display the history of URLs that you have typed in the Address bar

  • CTRL + ENTER: Automatically add www. (at the beginning) and .com (at the end) of the text currently residing in the Address (or URL) bar

  • ALT + D: Select all text currently residing in the Address (or URL) bar

  • CTRL + E: Move the active cursor to IE's Search Box

  • CTRL + DOWN ARROW: Open IE's Search Provider list

  • CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE: Delete browsing history

  • CTRL + D: Add the active page to your Favorites; when viewing a feed preview, this shortcut will subscribe to the respective feed

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