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How to Use Safari 5 for Windows

Step-By-Step Windows Tutorials for Safari 5


Apple's Safari 5 for Windows offers a robust feature set, allowing for an enjoyable and productive Web surfing experience.  To truly get the most out of Safari 5, however, you need to know how to operate its ins and outs.  These step-by-step tutorials can help you become a master of your browser in no time.

How to Install Extensions

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Safari 5 offers several extensions that can do almost anything, such as helping you find the best prices when shoppping online to letting you read your Facebook wall directly from your browser's toolbar. Finding and installing these extensions is a fairly simple process, and this tutorial shows you exactly how it is done.

How to Restore Safari 5's Default Settings

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Safari 5 stores a large amount of information as a result of your browsing. This not only includes cache and cookies but also saved names and passwords, download history, search keywords, browsing history, Top Sites, website icons and more. There is a very quick and painless way to remove all of these things and return your Safari browser to its default state.

How to Make Safari 5 the Default Browser

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Anytime a Web browser is needed in Windows, the default option is usually launched. For example, let's say Internet Explorer is your default browser. Clicking on a link in an email will cause IE to open and navigate to the appropriate URL. You can set Safari 5 to be your default browser if you wish. This tutorial shows you how to in just a few simple steps.

How to Change Safari 5's Search Engine

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Safari 5 provides a search box to the right of its address bar which allows you to easily submit keyword searches. By default, results of these searches are returned by the Google engine. However, you can change Safari's default search engine to either Yahoo! or Bing. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how.

How to Show the Menu Bar

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One of the great things about Safari 5 for Windows is its minimalist approach when it comes to the user interface. The old Menu Bar that users became accustomed to is now hidden by default, providing more real estate for Web pages.

For some Web surfers, however, change does not always equate to forward progress. For those of you who miss the old Menu Bar, have no fear. It can be reactivated in a few simple steps and this tutorial shows you how.

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