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How to Delete Private Data in Maxthon for Windows


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Download History, Cache, and Cookies
How to Delete Private Data in Maxthon for Windows

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The next three items in the Clear History dialog, highlighted above, are as follows.

  • Clear Download History: Checked by default, Maxthon keeps a record of every file that you download through the browser, including details such as the size of each download.

  • Delete Cache Files: Checked by default, Maxthon utilizes its cache to store images, pages, and URLs of recently visited Web pages. By using the cache, the browser can render these pages much faster on subsequent visits to the site by loading the images, etc. locally from the cache rather than from the Web server itself.

  • Delete Cookies: A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard drive when you visit certain sites. Each cookie is used to tell a Web server when you return to its Web page. Cookies can be helpful in remembering certain settings that you have on a website, as well as important information such as login credentials.
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