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iPad Apps - Safe Browser

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iPad Apps - Safe Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Safe Browser for the iPad is a Web browser that blocks children from viewing adult content on their portable device. Utilizing a unique type of dynamic filtering, this browser does more than just check a website against an existing URL blacklist. Mobicip’s browser also uses ratings set by the Family Online Safety Institute and, if all else fails, employs real-time content analysis to determine if a particular site is inappropriate for kids.

This three-pronged approach is both innovative and effective, giving parents peace of mind while their youngsters are browsing on the go. Filters can be set at one of three levels - High school, Middle school, and Elementary school - with the latter naturally being the most restrictive. In addition, Safe Search technology is applied to all major search engines, avoiding the possibility of your children encountering inappropriate content via search results.

Content filtering isn't the only reason to use Safe Browser. The browser also features integrated traffic encryption which helps ensure that your personal information is safe when surfing the Web from a less than secure hotspot such as your local Starbucks. As if this weren’t enough, Safe Browser offers integrated phishing, spam, and virus protection for an added layer of safety.

The actual browser itself provides a bevy of common interface options such as pinch & zoom, tabbed browsing, bookmarks, URL history, and an address ‘suggesterator’. In this sense, Safe Browser is effective as a Safari clone.

Although Safe Browser is one of the more expensive browser alternatives for the iPad, the protection that it offers your children is more than worth the price. Parents interested in even more options can sign up for a Premium Parental Controls subscription on Mobicip.com, giving them the ability to create their own custom filters and view their children’s Internet activity reports.

Publisher's Description

Mobicip offers a best-selling alternate browser for Safari that enables parental controls on your child's iPad. It is simple to set up and works anytime anywhere! The Mobicip Safe Browser is protected by a mobicip.com account set up by the parent. Your child can now surf safely and securely on his/her favorite device as Mobicip offers the highest quality online safety solution.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Price: $4.99

App Size: 1.8 MB

This article was last updated on July 6, 2010.

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