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iPad Apps - Night Browser

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iPad Apps - Night Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Night Browser for the iPad offers a unique, much-needed feature on your portable device. Those of you who love surfing in the dark, whether it be in bed at night or outside under the stars, know that the iPad's screen can be a bit too bright for certain situations. Not to mention the stress and strain that surfing in the dark can place on your eyesight.

This nifty app gives you the ability to adjust your iPad's brightness from within Night Browser itself. An easy-to-use brightness slider is accessible via a button on the browser's address bar, letting you go from light to dark in mere seconds.

Aside from its token feature, Night Browser also offers most common components found in Safari and other alternatives. This includes Bookmarks, browsing history, a Google Search Bar, and the ability to surf in either Landscape or Portrait Mode. If you tend to browse in the dark a lot, Night Browser is certainly worth downloading.

Publisher's Description

Surf the Internet at night, in the dark, without straining your eyes and without disturbing others. Must be seen to be appreciated! The difference is night and day!

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad

Price: FREE

App Size: 1.0 MB

This article was last updated on November 10, 2010.

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