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iPad Apps - Duo Browser

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iPad Apps - Duo Browser

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About Web Browsers Summary

Duo Browser for the iPad provides the ability to view two browser windows simultaneously. By placing one window above the other, this app assists those multitaskers out there who can benefit from dual browsing. Windows 7 users accustomed to the Snap feature will delight in having this functionality on their iPad.

Aside from the double windows, Duo is a fairly simple browser. Landscape and portrait orientations are available, as well as a Trash button on the toolbar which quickly clears your browsing history. Other than that, this is a bare bones app at the moment. The developers have promised more features in the near future, however.

This free browser is worth having on your iPad, even if you only use it at times when you have a need for dual browsing.

Publisher's Description

This iPad app enables you to browse 2 websites - one above the other - in portrait or landscape view. Now you can follow your tweets and watch a movie at the same time, update your blog and see the results in the other window, or check two webmail boxes at the same time.

Other Details

Devices Supported: iPad

Price: FREE

App Size: 0.2 MB

This article was last updated on June 25, 2010.

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