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MySpace Mail Center to Outlook

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MySpace Mail Center to Outlook

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The Bottom Line

MySpace Mail Center to Outlook is a Greasemonkey user script that removes many of the items in MySpace's Mail Center to give it the look and feel of a standard email client.

This script requires the Firefox web browser and the Greasemonkey extension.


  • The Mail Center display becomes much more compact.
  • The most frequently used components of the Mail Center are kept intact.


  • The absence of user pictures with each message may be a deterrent to some.
  • This script only functions while viewing the "main" folders.


  • MySpace Mail Center to Outlook removes several items from MySpace's Mail Center.
  • Thumbnail images included with each message are removed.
  • Online Now! status messages are hidden for all users.
  • Both the Saved and Bulletin folder items are no longer displayed.
  • The Address Book and Event Invites are removed from the left hand menu pane.
  • All of the aforementioned items are only hidden while viewing the following folders: Inbox, Saved, and Sent.

Guide Review - MySpace Mail Center to Outlook

This user script is no longer available (10/31/11)

MySpace Mail Center to Outlook definitely could have been named better, as it really has nothing at all to do with the popular Microsoft email client. However, it does a pretty nice job of straightening out the Mail Center by removing items that are rarely used by the majority of MySpacers. The result is a sleeker and easier to read interface. With that said, there are many folks who like seeing the thumbnail image that accompanies each message. You might also be interested in the online status of the people with whom you are messaging. In that case, this script may not be right for you. If it turns out you're looking for just the message and nothing else, then installing it may bring you some Mail Center satisfaction.
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