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MySpace: Floating CommentBox

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MySpace: Floating CommentBox

The Bottom Line

MySpace: Floating CommentBox is a Greasemonkey user script that places a Post Comment box in the upper left hand corner of your browser window whenever you visit a MySpace profile. This box's location remains fixed as you scroll down, allowing you to easily post a comment from anywhere on a user's profile page.

This script requires the Firefox web browser and the Greasemonkey extension.


  • You are given the ability to post a comment to a user's profile from any location on the page.
  • This script lets you post comments on profiles where the Add Comment link has been hidden.


  • The comment box can be partially hidden by the MySpace banner ad at the top of the page.
  • This script may not work on user profiles containing custom comment boxes or other custom CSS.
  • A link to the scriptwriter's MySpace profile, which contains profanity, is displayed in the box.


  • MySpace: Floating CommentBox displays a small comment box in the top left corner of all MySpace profile pages.
  • This comment box remains visible in the same location even as you scroll down through a page.
  • Located within the box is a dark gray edit field used to enter your comments.
  • Below the edit field is a button labeled Post which brings you to the Confirm Comment page when pressed.

Guide Review - MySpace: Floating CommentBox

The layout of some MySpace profiles can make it somewhat inconvenient to post a comment. Either you have to do a ton of scrolling to find the Add Comment link or you just can't find the bloody thing at all! This script makes it easy to just pop in, post your comment, and be on your merry way. By maintaining a fixed position, the comment box is always available no matter where you find yourself on someone's profile page. Certain custom CSS code will render the script useless, but I think that you will find most MySpace profiles to be accommodating. This is definitely a neat little tool for fans of the site.
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