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eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced

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eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced

The Bottom Line

eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced is a Greasemonkey user script that allows you to view some item links in eBay feedback even after 90 days have passed since the auctions have closed.

This script requires the Firefox web browser and the Greasemonkey extension.

This script is no longer available for download.


  • Nullifies eBay's 90-day item expiration limit in some cases.
  • Does not modify the layout of the eBay feedback pages.


  • Occasionally links to older items that are no longer accessible.


  • eBay removes item links from its feedback pages once an auction's end date is older than 90 days.
  • eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced automatically checks to see if these old items are still available.
  • If said items are still accessible, a View Item link is added to the Date/Time section of the buyer and seller's feedback.
  • If an item is no longer accessible, this link will not be displayed.

Guide Review - eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced

One of the more frustrating aspects of eBay's feedback system is the fact that item links are taken away after a 90 day period. Although these links are removed, some items are actually still accessible. eBay Feedback Extender Enhanced does a great job of determining if items are still available and, if so, provides a link to them. This is especially helpful in cases where a buyer or seller does not have much in the way of recent feedback as it gives you the ability to browse through older items that they either purchased or sold. In some rare cases, the script hiccups a bit by providing dead links to items that are no longer available. However, for the most part, Feedback Enhancer does a great job of resurrecting old auctions.
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