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How to Use the New Tab Page in Google Chrome for Windows


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How to Use the New Tab Page in Google Chrome for Windows

(Image © Scott Orgera)

Beginning with Chrome 15, Google has completely redesigned its New Tab page. The New Tab page is, well, the page that gets displayed when you open a new tab. What was once a wasteland of blank space is now a virtual docking station for all of your apps, bookmarks, as well as the sites that you visit the most. Thumbnails or icons, which serve as links, for all of the above are rendered on top of a sleek black grid. Navigation between the three is achieved via arrow or status bar buttons.

The status bar, which also contains a pop-up menu with links to the last ten tabs that you closed, can be expanded beyond the three aforementioned categories. Chrome's New Tab page provides the ability to create your own custom categories as well. Rounding out the new features is a convenient link to Chrome's traditional Bookmark Manager. To get the most out of Chrome's New Tab page, follow this graphical tutorial.

First, launch your Chrome browser and open a tab. The New Tab page should now be displayed, as shown in the example above. The default screen contains the eight websites that you visit the most, presented as thumbnail images and page titles. To visit one of these sites, simply click on its respective image.

Click on the rightward-pointing arrow or on the Apps button found in the Chrome Status Bar.

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